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Are you frustrated with you home decor and finding it difficult to think outside the box about your design

choices.  Do you need help in making your home more inviting, comfortable and fresh, then you need to request a room refresh from the team at Glorious Possibilities.

   Gloria Henry the lead designer and owner of Glorious Possibilities can perform miracles in your home often utilizing the furnishing and accessories you already own.  Gloria with her discerning eye for chic and stylish decor has been designing spaces for friends and clients in the Nashua area for several years.

   Gloria has designed several homes that have appeared on the Symphony NH Holiday Hour Tour.  Her home and garden has been featured on the tour.  Gloria’s garden was also featured in NH Magazine in May, 2013.  Gloria has the innate ability to walk into a room and immediately know how to transform it into a better and more beautiful functioning space.

   “I rearrange and move furniture around in my head in almost every home I visit.   I’ve had this ability to mentally create glorious makeovers since I was a child.  This is how I occupied my time and imagination when visiting my mother’s friends homes when girls were suppose to sit quietly and be proper little ladies.  Oftentimes, these flights of fantasy would mitigate the hatred and discomfort of scratchy petticoats and Sunday best finery”.

   Contact Glorious Possibilities to get your desired room or rooms tweaked and refreshed using your existing furnishings. Our team will repurpose, overhaul and prune your room in a very short time.  We call this fluffing your nest.  If Gloria thinks you need to enhance your design needs, she will consult you regarding the next design steps necessary to fulfill your room makeover.  To complete the design transformation, a plan and budget will be suggested at that time.      

   The initial consultation for a room makeover is

$75.00 per hour.  A room refresh is $150 per hour.  A typical room refresh takes 1.5 to 2 hours with a team of two.  Receive 10% off any items purchased for your home at Glorious Possibilities during the room makeover.





The Glorious Makeover -

A Room Refresh

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