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Welcome to Glorious Possibilities


         Glorious Possibilities was born out of an

insatiable desire to create, design and sell exceptional

home decor. After eight years of collaborating with

product creatives from around the world, we think we have the perfect venue for mastering the art of retail merchandising. We are passionate about what we do and appreciate all who venture into our store. Upon entering Glorious Possibilities, you will feel inspired and welcomed to a tactile and sensual creative experience. If you are a repeat customer, most likely you will be greeted by name. To all, we offer inspirational ideas to help you add a layer of uniqueness to your home space.


We have been selling chalk Paint by Annie Sloan since 2014. Chalk Paint was invented by Annie Sloan thirty years ago, in Oxford England. Chalk Paint is the world’s premiere paint for transforming furniture and accessories without having to prime prior to painting. Chalk Paint adheres to almost every surface-wood, fabric,glass,

metal, etc.

Gloria Henry, the owner of Glorious Possibilities was the first Chalk Paint stockist in New Hampshire. We can assist you in transforming your furniture into breathtaking masterpieces utilizing the best paint in the world- Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.


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