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Chalk Paint®Workshops are available at

Glorious Possibilities


Chalk Paint® Workshops are all about learning new decorative painting skills that will enhance and transform your home.  You will

leave the Chalk Paint® workshop armed with skills and techniques to tackle a plethora for painting projects in your home.

   Breathe new life into your old and tired furniture.  You will be

amazed how quick and easy it is to transform old furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Glorious Possibilities offers Chalk Paint® Workshops several times a month.  If you do not see a class that meets your need, let Gloria know and we will do everything we can to design a Chalk Paint® workshop to fulfill your need.  One on one instruction is available, ask for pricing.

   Certified Chalk Paint® instructors (Gloria or Bette) share their knowledge and passion for transforming old furniture and accessories into fresh statement pieces.  All Chalk Paint® classes are fun and not intimidating.  Hands on and user-friendly techniques are taught to inspire your creative juices.

   All Chalk Paint® workshops require full prepayment to reserve your spot. Workshop payments are non-refundable, but can be used in a forthcoming class if Glorious Possibilities is notified 48 hours prior to scheduled workshop.  We realize that things happen in life, but please try to preplan your scheduled workshop accordingly.

   Reserve your Spot Call Glorious Possibilities at 603-402-9145


Bring Your Own Piece Sundays

9am to 12pm

$125 per person

All supplies included


   The BYOP workshop is a Basic Chalk Paint Workshop that allows you to bring your own piece, which must be small enough for you to carry on your own and can be completed in 3 hours. Suggested items are a chair, small side table, nightstand, etc. Unsure of your piece, please check with Gloria on sizing.  

   You will choose your color and the technique you wish to use on your piece.  Additionally, you will be taught 3 more techniques as well as how to apply Clear and Dark Soft Waxes. 

   You will leave the Chalk Paint® Workshop with a finished piece of furniture plus the skills and confidence to tackle all your future Basic Chalk Paint® projects on your own.


Cabinet’s Only Chalk Paint Workshop

2 hours

$100 per person

All supplies included


   Chalk Paint® is the best and easiest paint to update your old kitchen or bathroom cabinets.  Also, you will not have to invest thousands of dollars on new cabinets.

   For a few hundred dollars in Chalk Paint® and supplies, you can transform you dated cabinetry into a fresh and inviting space.

   We will instruct you on how to clean your cabinets before painting with Chalk Paint®.  You will choose your color and the painting technique for your cabinetry and we will teach you how to successfully achieve that technique.  We will teach you how to successfully seal and protect your cabinets using Annie Sloan Clear or Dark Soft Waxes.  We will provide a cabinet door for you to work on and take home with you after the class.


Painting Upholstery With Chalk Paint

3 hours

$125 per person

All supplies included


   Do you have an upholstered chair that is in need of new upholstery? 

Does it cost too much to have it reupholstered?  Well, let’s paint it with Chalk Paint.  Yes, you can paint fabric with Chalk Paint® and achieve a beautiful new and useable finish.

   Bring an upholstered chair that you alone can carry.  You will choose the color you wish to paint your chair.  We will teach how to apply the paint to your fabric and wood frame.  We will teach you how to wax and protect your finished chair.  Yes, we do wax the fabric to seal and protect it.

   You will leave with a finished chair and the knowledge to tackle other projects with Chalk Paint.


Attend With Friends Chalk Paint Workshop

2.5 hours

$99 per person

Bring your own piece

All supplies included


   You arrange and design a class to meet you and your best girlfriends (guys welcome also) needs.  Minimum of 4 people required for creating this workshop.  Maximum space is available for 6 friends.  You pick the date and time for the workshop.  Time must not conflict with a Glorious Possibilities scheduled workshop.

   Each person will bring their own piece that they can carry on their own. Piece must be small enough to be completed in 2.5 hours.  Suggested items are a chair, small table, end table, nightstand, wall shelf, etc.

   Each person will pick their color and the Chalk Paint technique for finishing their piece.  Each person will learn how to paint their piece as well as how to apply Soft Wax for a durable finish.


An Affair With A Chair Workshop

2 hours

$95 per person

Bring your own chair

All supplies included


   Everyone has a dining side chair that could use a facelift.  Bring in an old, ugly or unloved chair and see it transformed into a piece that you can love again.  You must be able to carry it by yourself.


Tray Chic Workshop

Turn your unused silver tray into a chic chalkboard

1 hour

$30 per person

Bring your own vintage silver plate tray

All supplies included


This a quick way to learn how to use chalk Paint®. Choose a color, please think outside the box on color selection.  Completed tray will add a functional and chic design element to your home.


Celebrate Whatever Chalk Paint® Workshop

2.5 hours

$125 per person

All supplies included


   Create your own workshop to Celebrate Whatever occasion you desire

Select a decorative item from us that will be painted (each person will paint their own piece) (select from a tray, frame, etc)  Choose a date and gather your girlfriends.  Minimum of 6 individuals required.  Bring Your Own Wine.  You can preorder Pizza from Sal's (East Hollis  Street location)

You can prearrange a take out order from a local restaurant in the downtown area. We will pick it up.  We will clean up.  All you have to do is have a fun evening with friends.

   Idea for celebrating with girlfriends:

Girlfriend's Birth, especially milestone birthdays, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60...

Bridal Shower


Just hanging out with Best Friends Forever

Painting for a cause ( You collect an additional $20, $50, ect. from each guest to support a local cause, such as the Animal Shelter). You are responsible for mailing the collected money to the local cause.

   Time allowed is in the evening when the store is closed. You select a 2.5 hours timeframe between 5:30pm to 9:00pm to suit your group reqirements.

Everyone will leave with a basic Chalk Paint® skillset that can be used to paint larger pieces.


Chalk Paint House Calls

Available by appointment

Contact Glorious Possibilities at 603-402-9145 for consultation and estimates


   Glorious Possibilities offers custom painting at your home for large items of furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  We have a team of painters who are skilled in the use of Chalk Paint to do custom painting and finishing in your home.


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