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Kitchens Transformed With Chalk Paint®

 Wouldn't you love to update your kitchen?

We offer beautiful custom finishing solutions at extremely competitive prices. There is no need to replace your cabinets. We can completely change the look of your kitchen with our no VOC, environmentally friendly Chalk Paint® products.

   Allow us to custom paint your old, tired and
unattractive kitchen cabinets.  Chalk Paint® provides the most durable and lasting finish. Freshen up your kitchen cabinets without the high cost of new cabinets. You select your color from our vast array of color choices.

   You select your finishing technique and the protective finish wax or a clear topcoat. Average size kitchens can be done in 4-5 days. Cabinet frames and all surroundings are painted on site.  We remove the cabinet doors and bring them to our workshop for painting, waxing, or top coating.



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